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My Approach

I'm a designer with a passion for problem solving and I love bringing ideas to life. I have more than ten years' experience of providing bespoke solutions to meet clients’ needs and I take each job as a new challenge.

My approach focuses on user-centered design. I will work with you to understand the key message that you are trying to convey, and to help you to find the best way to illustrate it – whether through text or image, online or in print. In addition, I ensure that my suggested solutions balance the needs of both your end-users and your business to deliver what's needed in the timeframe (and to the budget) required.

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How I Can Help


Visual Design

Working with text, graphics and video, I build bespoke solutions that bring your ideas to life.



I can help ensure your users' digital experience is visually appealing, seamless and intuitive.


Branding & Logos

I can work with you to create a unique, consistent visual identity that embodies your ethos.



I can help make complex ideas simple, using both illustrated infographics and animated videos.



From quirky and colourful to technically detailed, my work uses digital, linocut, collage and more...


Content Editing

Finally, I can edit copy for quality, clarity and consistency, while ensuring it still sounds like you!

Recent Projects

Click on any of the examples below to learn more about my recent work.

Gallery image 1
Linocut Garden Alphabet
Gallery image 2
Starling Arts Brand Refresh
Gallery image 3
Adding Usability Improvements
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Corporate Website Launch
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Encouraging Sustainable Investment
Gallery image 6
Stock Trading Explained
Gallery image 7
100 Mini Collages
Gallery image 8
Building a User-Curated Feed
Gallery image 9
Pharmaceuticals in Brief
Gallery image 10
Prototype App for Inspiring Artists
Gallery image 11
Guide to Widecombe Fair
Gallery image 12
100 Days in Sydenham


Don’t just take my word for it, here’s what others have to say!


Rosemary's ability to understand complex functionality and then help design ways to illustrate it clearly and simply is a massive strength. It was brilliant and easy working together.

Phil, Head of Trading & Product Development at Redburn


Rosemary understood firsthand what Starling Arts is all about, and worked closely with us to create a new visual identity that embodied our community ethos, the connection of our members and the support we provide through singing. We’re absolutely delighted with our new look.

Anna, Co-founder and Director at Starling Arts


Not only does Rosemary think about design, but she also thinks about process and implementation, which increases the success of any given project.

Georgina, Research Business Manager

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