Redburn Strategy Website Launch

date UI/UX, Visual Design, Content Editing
date March 2020 – April 2021
date Redburn (Europe) Limited

Brief: Redburn's Strategy product was launched in September 2020 to highlight investment opportunities by bringing together the firm's different research approaches, both quantitative and qualitative. I worked with our in-house development team to design and build a website to host the content, with an emphasis on responsive design and interactive elements. The launch was iterative, with new features added over the following six months.

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The main focus of the site was to present investment ideas through a series of articles, each linked to other research pieces, to allow clients to explore the full picture of Redburn's view on an idea from the perspective of all the different departments.

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We also explored ways to visualise complex data in an appealing manner.

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To accompany the launch of the website, I also designed and produced a booklet summarising the main findings from the data, to be printed quarterly.

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