Each project I take on will be different – that's the joy of it – but they all follow broadly the same steps:


1 Figuring out the problem

The first step to any design solution is making sure I know what problem you are trying to solve! Whether you are looking to build a website or rebrand your business, before we discuss any design solutions, I will work with you and your team to identify the task at hand. This helps us make sure that any solution we come up with is one that can be implemented and that it meets the right needs.

2 Choosing the right tools

Secondly, I will help you to identify the right tools for the job. The solution must balance the needs of end-users and those of the business (e.g. budget and timeframe), as well as any technological restraints that your team may have. I will also help you to determine the best medium to use – whether digital, print, or a combination of the two. Once this is established, we can finalise the brief that we will be working to.

3 Exploring possible answers

Once the brief has been agreed, I will start with a rough concept and gradually build a complete design, through a series of iterations and prototypes. I will work with you to test the possible solution with both end-users and stakeholders as we go along, so that we can help to ensure everyone is satisfied and that any proposal is workable.

4 Delivering a solution

When everyone is happy with the design, I will supply you with final files in a format that works for you, or supply them to your developers or to the printer. I am always keen to build relationships with my clients, so I will be on hand to answer any questions you may have and hopefully we can find more ways to work together in future!


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