Building a User-Curated News Feed

date Visual Design, UI/UX
date December 2019
date Redburn (Europe) Limited

Brief: The homepage of Redburn’s research website showcases all the latest research published daily by all teams at the company. However, this can mean the content a client is actually interested in gets lost among the noise. I was tasked with designing a process by which a client’s email preferences could be used to filter content on their homepage, creating a feed personalised to each client and editable by them at any time through a simple interface.

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Initial designs focusing on basic functionality were tested with users to ensure they worked in principle.

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In discussion with the heads of Sales and the business development team, we added descriptions of each department and a point of contact for those with queries. We also added tooltips on hover so that clients could see what they were signing up for. I worked with the Editorial team to provide the text for each section. This led us to the final designs, which were then implemented by our engineering team.

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Following the release of the new functionality, the CRM and Sales teams at Redburn noticed a significant decrease in requests from clients to update their preferences, with clients entering these choices themselves. In addition, subscribers for a key newsletter jumped from 350 to c1500 in the month following launch. A clip from the promotional explainer video I produced to accompany the launch can be viewed below.

Please note, this video has been shortened for copyright reasons.